Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt

Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt

The Directions 

The GoalTo gain as many points for your team during the time you have at each station.

The Stations – There will be a total of five stations.  You will have a limited amount of time at each station.

Basic Directions – (Detailed directions are on the Team Submission Form.)

·        Online Quiz:

o   You will work as a team to answer the multiple choice questions on this form: Figurative Language Quiz 1.  The results of the quiz will be automatically emailed to Ms. Asciola upon your completion.

o   See Mrs. Asciola to receive your score, then write it on your team submission form. 

·        Video Sets 1-3:

o   Your team will watch a set of four videos. 

Video Set 1

Video Set 2

Video Set 3

o   Together you will identify one example of figurative language in each video during the time you are given.

o   The examples you find should be written on the team submission form.

·        Interpretive Photo:

o  Click here for a list of figurative language examples to choose from.

o   Your team must choose one example to demonstrate through a photo that you take with the Chromebook camera feature.

o   The picture must then be printed (use the library B&W printer)

o   The team must then explain how and why the picture represents the figurative language example you picked.  Your explanation should be written on your team submission form.