Persuasive Essay

Standard W.8.1. - Text Types & Purposes

The 5-paragraph persuasive essay addresses the skills in Standard W.8.1 from the Common Core State Standards.
I can write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.  I can organize my argument in a formal style that acknowledges the opposing point of view and draws conclusions based upon the evidence I have provided.


You Should Complete Your Work in the Following Order:

To be completed first:
Essay Ideas Sheet
To be completed second (after approval of topic)
To be completed when Research Notes are done:
To be completed when you are finished with your Essay Outline:
Proof Paragraph Guidelines  (make 3 copies, one for each paragraph)
To be completed when you have finished all 3 proof paragraphs:
Examples of Introductions:
Only complete after you are finished with the Introduction:

How-to and Guidelines

Preparation & Research Docs

Sample How-to and Guidelines