9 & 9H - Due Mon. 9/28: "How to write a Proof Paragraph"

posted Sep 25, 2015, 11:43 AM by Abby Asciola
Students had the majority of class time on Friday to begin work on the "How to Write a Proof Paragraph" packet.  This gave everyone the opportunity to ask for help or clarification before heading home for the weekend to complete the assignment. 

The entire "How to Write a Proof Paragraph" packet needs to be completed over the weekend so that it is ready to use on Monday 9/28.

This assignment asks students to work on developing  analytical writing skills that are more complex than what they have done in the past.  Successful completion of the packet is difficult and time consuming, but the rewards of mastering this new skill will pay off in all subject areas throughout students' high school career.  

Proof Paragraph Diagram (a visual reference)