Benefits of Remind - 
Remind helps you stay connected. You are your child's first teacher, which is why parents and teachers need to work together to help all children succeed. To support this partnership, I am using Remind, a free and safe messaging product, to keep you and your child up-to-date with what is happening in the classroom. As the teacher, I can choose to send quick, one-way Announcements to the entire class, or start a Chat for one-to-one conversations with subscribers. These simple and short messages are sent directly to your phone or email, and can help you and your student(s) keep up with: 
 homework assignments      test dates      project timelines      changes to assignments and due dates    

How to sign up for Remind

To receive text messages -
  1. Simply text your child's class code code (see above) to 81010 
  2. Reply to the message from the Remind team with your first & last name, and you’re in!

To receive emails through the mobile app - 
  1. Download the Remind app on your Android or iOS device, or use this link: Remind app to install the application. 
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the app, create a Parent account with your email address.
  3. Go to the Classes tab, tap the + to join and enter your class's unique code (see above). That’s it!

Don't worry, Remind is safe

  • Personal contact information is kept private. Phone numbers are not exchanged between teachers, students, and parents. 
  • Messages cannot be edited or deleted, so your Announcement or Chat History is easily accessible for future reference.
  • Remind does not sell or share information about students, parents or teachers. Personal information remains private, secure, and confidential.
  • Remind is COPPA-compliant, which means we notify parents or guardians when students under the age of 13 create a Remind account. All students must also be over the age of 13 to receive a Chat from their teacher. 

Go to the Remind parent page to find more information.