When you have a Substitute Teacher

Your substitute teacher will tell you which of the 2 assignments below you need to complete.
Assignment #1:
Connotations in the Media


Divide into groups of three people. Groups of 2 or 4 people are acceptable but will result in an unequal distribution of responsibilities.

You will need only one document for the group. One student needs to make a copy of the document and then share it with the other group members and Mrs. Asciola.

Open the document and begin your work...

Assignment #2:
Annotating Text
You may choose to read the story on a Chromebook, or to print it (link to the story is listed below).  If you choose to read and label on a Chromebook, please remember to make a copy of the document so you can add footnotes and/or comments.  Please remember to share your document with Mrs. Asciola.

Use the link to the "Directions for Annotating" to determine what you're are supposed to be looking for and labeling.

Open the documents and begin your work...